• October 20: HP2004 Proceedings
  • Dear Colleagues,

    The Hard Probes 2004 meeting will start in about two weeks, and this mail is meant to bring you up-to-date on the matter of the proceedings.

    The proceedings of the actual conference will appear as a regular issue of the European Physical Journal C, so that they will be available world-wide on the EPJ server as well as through hard copy version in the libraries. We hope that in this way the proceedings of our meeting will serve as a general reference readily accessible anywhere anytime. Since all papers for EPJ C are refereed, the editors will have to assure that the contributions will meet the standards of the journal. All participants will receive copies of the conference proceedings free of charge; this is covered by your conference fee.

    The lectures of the school day will appear as a booklet in the Lecture Notes in Physics series of Springer Publications. Here we are aiming for as coherent and pedagogical an introduction as possible, to be used by graduate students and others wishing to get introduced to the field.

    All further details (length, deadline, style files, etc.) will be announced on the web page of the meeting under a separate heading "proceedings", to be added very soon.

    We look forward to seeing you soon in Portugal,

    with best regards,

    Carlos, Helmut, Joao and Jorge

  • October 19: HP2004 final announcement
  • Dear Colleague,

    The first International Conference on Hard and Electromagnetic Probes of High Energy Nuclear Collisions, HARD PROBES 2004, will take place in Ericeira, Portugal, in a couple of weeks, from the 4th to the 10th of November. We are really happy about the resonance it found in the community and look forward to a most stimulating conference.

    This message gives some information concerning organizational issues and is being sent to the 111 people expected to attend the meeting. If you get this mail but will not attend the meeting, please send a mail to so that we can correct our list:

    The web pages of the conference,, have been (and will continue to be) updated with information of several kinds. Please have a look regularly. In particular, the scientific program of the conference lists all the talks and their allocated time slots. The speakers should note that these times include 5 minutes, at least, for discussion. Speakers giving talks on overlapping topics are invited to interact with each other, to minimize repetitions. Keep in mind that most people in the audience will not be experts in your specific topic: be pedagogical. This is especially important for the plenary sessions.

    The proceedings of the conference and the lectures given on the school day (Nov. 4th) will be published, separately, by Springer. Further information concerning the proceedings (number of pages, Springer style files, time scales, etc) will soon be added to our web pages.

    In case you need assistance concerning traveling to Portugal, please contact Sandra Oliveira and Dulce Conceicao . Participants are expected to arrive at the Lisbon airport on the 3rd or 4th of November. On the basis of the arrival times communicated to us, we organized four bus trips from Lisbon's airport to Ericeira: at 13h and 18h on the 3rd, and at 16h and 22h on the 4th. See our web pages for further details. If you arrive too late to catch the bus, please contact Sandra and Dulce immediately. They may slightly adapt the bus schedule or organize a taxi from Ericeira to pick you up (cheaper than the airport taxis) and maybe find someone else to share the trip (and the price). We will have someone at the airport's arrivals gate, with a Hard Probes 2004 poster, during the hour before the bus departures.

    There will be (wireless) network connections at the Hotel, during the conference days. We expect that (almost) all the talks will be given from (conference) laptops connected to a projector. We must know in advance what the speakers need (power-point in Windows; star-office in Linux; etc). Please contact Pedro "Frodo" Ramalhete if you have any special needs. The speakers of the parallel sessions, in particular, must tell Frodo which file format they will use (so that we see if we need to have four laptops in parallel). Information on these topics will be added to our web pages once Frodo gets some feedback from (most of) the speakers. To ensure an efficient meeting, all the files must be given to Frodo in advance, either using a memory stick up to the day before the talk is given or, much better, by making the file available a few days ahead (by email, web, etc), which would allow us to eliminate technical problems (missing fonts, etc).

    Please check the weather forecast before starting your trip.

    We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Warm regards from all the organizers: Carlos, Helmut, Joao and Jorge; Andre, Dulce, Frodo, Sandra and Susi

  • May 20:
  • Dear Colleague,

    This is the second announcement for the International Conference on Hard Probes of High Energy Nuclear Collisions, to be held in Ericeira, near Lisbon, Portugal, from November 4 to 10, 2004. The conference will address the study of the strongly interacting medium created in high-energy nuclear collisions using hard and electromagnetic probes. It will start with a school day aimed at young researchers, on Thursday, November 4, 2004.

    The number of participants will be limited to around 150, to ensure good interaction and dialogue conditions. A preliminary scientific program, based on invited talks, is now available on the conference web page:

    Prospective participants should register now, following the instructions on the web page, under "Registration". Besides registering online, you will need to print, fill in, sign and send two forms to the conference secretary, Sandra Oliveira, by post of fax: one to pay the conference fee, the other to reserve a room in the Hotel Vila Gale. The conference fee is 200 Euros if paid before July 15 and 250 Euros after this date. If two people would like to share a double room, only one should fill the accommodation form, mentioning the name of the other one in the field "accompanied by". The quoted prices cover room, breakfast and lunch (for 2 people, if double room).

    Once registered, you may submit a contributed talk, up to July 15, by proposing a title and brief abstract, through the corresponding web page. Click on "You may submit an abstract if you want to propose a contributed talk". The submissions will be considered by the International Advisory Committee and you will know by early September if your proposal has been selected for presentation at the conference.

    If you need any advice or assistance concerning traveling to Portugal, please contact the conference secretary, Sandra Oliveira, through the email address

    Because of the limited availability of hotel rooms at special prices, it is advisable that the participants register as soon as possible.

    Best regards, Carlos, Helmut, Joao and Jorge